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Trouble In Venice

Following on from thwarting what he thought was an isolated New Order the Invisible Man rushes to save two friends in danger only to find that the New Order is taking over Europe from within.


Thinking on his feet and adapting to being many people to many people he forms the Knights of the Round Table and shows how doing something for good you can suppress the growth of evil. Teaming up on missions in Europe to Africa, making new enemies as well as friends in high places can the Invisible Man outwit the New Order and save not just his life, but those of many others.


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    What can I say since thinking all was safe with the girls the New Order and another fraction are looking to find them and remove them as an example to others. Jimmy has been watching over, but what turns into a mission to save the girls takes the Invisible Man to Africa and helps form a society that takes on the ever growing New Order and brings the world the Knights of the Round Table.

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