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The Journals of the invisible man

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The Invisible Man is nobody special, just an honest man wanting the right thing to be done. No affiliations just part of an invisible group that make the corrupt visible.


For the first time ever an Invisible Man has allowed you to read his journal and enter the Invisible World of one such operative. Follow him as he flies into New York on a mission to expose a corrupt businessman vying to become the next President of the United States of America. How he highlights the corruption of a city council in a small Devonshire town to exposing a New Order, a secret society, run by a power hungry politician, who moves from the Mayor’s office to Parliament with a secret dossier blackmailing even the Prime Minister. Who is the Invisible Man? He is nobody, which is his strength. He could be you or me as he moves in circles unnoticed. He was in Russia, the Middle East and many places where not only was he never seen, no one afterwards knew he had been there.


Read his journal that he has left for you, so you too can learn to become one of the Invisibles.


  • Hello Reader!

    “Hello Reader, you have my journal, as you are the chosen one that the journal is meant for. Now this may seem a
    strange way to start a book, but then again this is not a book, but the writings of me, the Invisible Man. Why
    Invisible? No, not like H. G. Wells invisible, like the Big Issue Seller or Homeless asleep on the streets. Millions
    pass by never seeing them.”

    “Sorry Reader, got a little heated there, I am human after all and I am not going to sit by and watch another
    Hitler rise in the free world. Hitler you think too strong? Well still the disillusioned and unintelligent flock to his rallies, chant racist rhetoric, and act with violence never seen before in an American political arena. Somehow he has cast aside his opponents, another sorry bunch of losers and scum bags who thought they had some divine
    right to be president due to their wealth and birthright, railroaded past them with his juggernaut of hatred and
    fear campaign leaving them behind as also ran.”

    “But part of me looks around the bar and the world Joe has created. A world of beauty and horror side by side,
    working together, accepting each other without question. Joe has created Utopia where I watch the TV screen
    above these great people, and watch the KKK go unchallenged, standing side by side with this moron close to
    power, unchallenged by the pundits strong enough so that his integrity is never challenged as he flicks their
    questions aside with more nonsense. As there is no one willing to stand up then this is what we, the Invisible do,
    I cannot blame the people for allowing this monster of hate and stupidity rise; no stupidity is an unfair

    “This mission was really a complete book of worms and the EU debate was where divisions were being made and
    the Head of the New Order seemed to be unknown, but he was a specter in the houses of power all the same.”

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