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Who is Fred?

When I was a small child the first words I uttered was “Me Fred”, as watched a children’s TV show. I never grew up and many of the companies and associations I have started have Fred working for them in some way.


I started making films, started a film festival, the award given away was called, ‘A Fred’. Awards given to people that made a difference during the filming or helped people that inspired. So I guess Who is Fred? Fred is like me, nobody, just a person that looks to do what he can to help another because he can.


After having deals offered for the Journals I turned them down, as they literally were 360 deals where as the writer would totally lose out. So no surprise, knowing that there is a huge market for the Journals I formed Fred Publishing.


Firstly to sell direct to the market so that the writer ends up with the lion share of the financial reward and a way to help others from losing heart on their dreams.


By supporting the authors that are selling through this site you are helping many people realise their dreams, and getting something wonderful and unique to read. Support is a big word for us as well as community and profits from the Journals will go to help set up Guardians Help, a new movement employing ex-service personnel, homeless and those lost, to give them back independence and help them readapt to civilian life, together.




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